yes, your majestyAlice Linksdid you say pig, or fig?

I have scoured the internet and come up with these very-good Alice links!


I just found out about the internet archive "Wayback Machine" If a link you like has
disappeared, there is probably a copy of it stored in these archives, cool!
So, a few of the links below are actually archived versions.


Proud member of these webrings

The Lewis Carroll Homepage from the Lewis Carroll Society of North America. TONS of links to everything "Alice" on the web.

David Neal's Homepage with a page of Early 20th Century Illustrators of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Alice's Art Gallery a great gallery of drawings, book covers, advertisements and other alice-related artwork. Part of a very extensive Alice site!

Lewis Carroll Illustrated Editions from Spiral Visions Bookstore, and some links for ordering them.

Illustrators of Alice on the Web A long page of links to pages about Alice's many illustrators, part of

Hugo Strikes Back
A collection of Alice covers and illustrations

Bedtime Story Classics The entire text of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland with illustrations from various illustrators, and background info on Alice and Lewis Carroll.

Multimedia Alice Book with the entire Alice text, some funny animated GIFs, and even music to read by.

Wired for Books The entire Alice's Adventures read aloud, with cute illustrations

Fables and Fairy Tales Another site with the full Alice text, and illustrations by various artists.

CLAW Theater Alice text (abridged) with kitty cats playing the characters :)

Many Faces of Alice A third grade school project where each student animated a part of the Alice story-very cute!

Seeing Ear Theater An interesting movie of Alice in Wonderland with original illustrations.

Les illustrateurs d'Alice Part of a French Lewis Carroll site, with a list of illustrators, many French.

Lewis Carroll E-text Collections A page with the complete e-texts of many of Carroll's writings.

The Nursery Alice The complete Nursery Alice with color illustrations.

Mary-Kline-Misol A large collection of beautiful Alice-inspired paintings, by an artist from Iowa. A must-see!

Alice in Wonderland Exhibit from the University of British Columbia. Lenny's Alice in Wonderland Site with all of the Tenniel illustrations, screenshots from the Disney movie,and lots of Alice-related info.

Dali Salvador Dali's Alice in Wonderland prints.

Ralph Steadman about his illustrations for The Complete Alice.

Blanche McManus The full text of Through the Looking-Glass online with color illustrations by Blanche McManus.

Santa in Wonderland a comic

Disney Comic
"Unbirthday Party with Alice in Wonderland"

Jane Breskin Zalben Some images of her illustrations for the Walrus and the Carpenter and Jabberwocky.

Art of John Anthony Miller with several etchings of Alice's Adventures.

Art of Marshall Vandruff Marshall Vandruff's unusual Alice in Wonderland Illustrations.

Stamp Art Stephanie Teng's art incorporating the orginal Tenniel etchings.

Animorphic Art Kelly M. Houle's "Animorphic Art"-hard to explain but very cool!

Zelda Fitzgerald Alice in Wonderland art and a sample of her painting, A Mad Tea Party.

Sas Christian artwork, including a lovely painting called Amandaland.

Kuniyoshi Kaneko a Japanese artist with several Alice-themed works. Be careful if you explore around the site, some artwork not for kids!

Tom duBois A painting called "Alice in Wonderland - Alice's Magical Journey in Wonderland. This can be bought as a poster.

Tricia Buchanan-Benson A rather strange print called "Alice in Wonderland-Mad Tea"

Jim Salvati a sweet rendition of the Disney Alice

Grace Slick A page with sevaeral pieces of Wonderland art by musician Grace Slick.Sigmar Polke a mixed-media piece called Alice im Wunderland.


Alice Murals-I have found many images of Alice-themed murals on the web:
   Graffitti Alice mural in Miami
   A mosaic mural in the NYC Subway
   An Alice mural at MIT
   A library mural in Ohio, featuring the Hatter and other literary characters
   A cute Alice wall mural by J D Isaacs
   Metromurals An outdoor Alice mural in Portland, Oregon
   A cool exterior mural in Los Angeles
  A wall mural inspired by The Walrus and The Carpenter
  Alice at NYC A small photo of a mural by Abram Champanier

Gildford The town in England where Lewis Carroll's siter lived, and where he died. Several Carroll-themed attractions are in Gildford, including these, a mural and a statue.

Alice in Wonderland-An Interactive Adventure An Alice site with lots of fun games and puzzles.

An Alice Collector's Site with some images I'd never seen before.

Another Alice Collector who might be as obsessed as I am :)

ArtDolls Some amazing handmade dolls, including the Hatter and the White Rabbit

Doll Art Another doll artist with many Alice dolls including the Mad Hatter

Alice's World
from Disney's World of Wonders, fun games, clipart, downloads, etc.

Introducing...The Cheshire Cat Lots of links to pages having to do with the Cheshire Cat.

Sitio Web de Lewis Carroll A Spanish site about Lewis Carroll

Pagina de Lewis Carroll Another Spanish Lewis Carroll site with lots of info and images, and a small section about illustrators.

Las Comedias de Alicia A Spanish page about Disney's early Alice comedies.

ALICE Still ALIVE A French site, I can't understand all of it, but some very nice Alice-themed art.

Arrow Comics A series called Wonderland

Alice and The White Knight with illustrations

TextArc The Alice text presented in a very unusual way. Hypnotic!

Disney-Alice in Wonderland Disney's official page about its version of Alice in Wonderland (which just happens to be my most favorite-est movie of all time!) Includes a video clip of Alice chasing the rabbit.
Desktop Stop Disney Alice wallpapers for download.
   Disney Shorts "Alice's Wonderland"

Miyuki-chan in Wonderland A silly japanese animated film very loosely based on Alice--Not for kids! There's a lot on the web about this movie.
  Lots of Miyukichan in Wonderland pictures

   Miyuki-chan in Wonderland Wallpapers
   A Miyuki-chan "paper doll"
   A Miyuki-chan page with lots of images
   ~Miyuki-chan~ A girl makes her own Miyuki-chan costume.

Wonderland An interesting Alice-themed site

Kevin Teter's Alice in Wonderland Page just clip-art from the Disney Alice.

Alice in Wonderland Ascii Pictures Those pictures made out of text...pretty cool

Wonderland WAVS Not the best quality sound, but includes some cute clipart and some wavs of stars reading Alice and "Jabberwocky."

Catmagic a cute animated GIF one of "a grin without a cat" from

Adren A creepy goth Alice image

Obey A funny bootleg "Obey" sticker of the Mad Hatter NOT FOR KIDS!! A funny illustration... can you guess the title?

Alice Downunder A woman in Australia who loves Alice too!

Animation Midis (those computer-y sounding songs that sometimes play on websites.) Includes 3 Disney Alice songs.

The White Rabbit Store with lots of good stuff.

The Alice in Wonderland Centre in Llandudno, North Wales. I'd love to go there someday.

The Alice Shop in Oxford. I visited Oxford this past summer, and I went to this shop about 4 times in one week. It's too wonderful for words.

The Pancake Parlour a restaurant in Australia with an Alice therme. Cool website with lots of images of their Alice collection.

Alice Tarot Cards There are lots of sites that sell Alice stuff, but this one plays a cool Kate Bush song.

Alice e-cards Various versions: Disney, Tenniel, etc. Send one to a friend, why don't ya.

Sir John Tenniel More electronic postcards.

Graham Piggott a wonderful sculptor from the UK with many Alice-themed sculptures.

American McGee's Alice A cool site for the creepy Alice computer game. It's out for Mac now, yay!
    Alice's Asylum A comprehensive fansite for American McGee's Alice.
Ken Wong has some nice Alice art here and here
   Tangle Box Ken Wong's beautiful American McGee's Alice-inspired site.

Gameboy: Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland about the Alice game for Nintendo Gameboy Color.

The Disney Store has some nice Alice merch, especially this year, the movie's 50th anniversary. You might have to search for both "Alice" and "Cheshire"

Lewis Carroll fonts Download a pretty font and dings based on Lewis Carroll's handwriting!

and of course: Ebay Search for "Alice in Wonderland." That's where I get the best Alice stuff :)

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