Alice IllustratorsA-L

Hundereds of artists have illustrated Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass since the late 1800's. I have compiled my entire Alice book collection so far here. Some of these images come from two wonderful editions compiled by Cooper Edens: Alice's Adventures...The Ultimate Illustrated Edition, Bantam Books, 1989 and Alice's Adventures... A Classic Illustrated Edition, Chronicle Books, 2000.

For each artist, I have chosen two of my favorite images to show (there are a few for which I only have one image). Click the artist's name to see his or her illustrations. Bibliographical information is written under each image.


Frank Adams
Honor C. Appleton
Malcolm Ashman
Mabel Lucie Attwell
Marie Barrera
Graeme Base
Greg Becker
Dagmar Berková
Uriel Birnbaum
Charles Blackman
Peter Blake
Alex A. Blum
Frank Bolle
Germaine Bouret
A.L. Bowley
Anthony Browne
Brigitte Bryan
Linda Card
Lewis Carroll
Nicole Claveloux
Rene Cloke
Ernie Colon
Reynald Connolly
Donald E. Cooke
Fanny Cory
Salvador Dali


Robin&Patricia DeWitt
Angel Dominguez
Inga-Karin Eriksson
Graham Evernden
Jeff Fisher
Charles Folkard
David Frankland
Harry Furniss
Philip Gough
Bessie Pease Gutmann
Franz Haacken
Michael Hague
Oliver Herford
Greg Hildebrandt
Robert Högfeldt
Janice Holland
Gwynedd M. Hudson
Franklin Hughes
Rex Irvine&Judy Clarke
A.E. Jackson
Dusan Kallay
Lea Kaster
Gertrude Kay
Gordon King
Maria L. Kirk
Brinsley LeFanu

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