There is a phenomenon on the Web of making and displaying these images. They're called "cartoon dolls", or simply "dolls" or "dollz". They are like paper dolls for the computer. I noticed that a lot of folks had made ones of Alice! So I started collecting, or "adopting" them to display on my site. Please don't take any of these for your own site, follow the link to the creator's site, by clicking on the banner below the doll (links will open in a new window).


Brina's Dollhouse

Devils Heart

Double A Dollies

Blackrose Castle Dolls

Immortal Dolls


If Looks Could Kills


Misfit Toys

twisted dreams

Manga Lovers
Alice Doll
Custom made by Amaris. Thanks!

Angel Dust

shades of grey

Ritratto di Signora

Fina Dollz

Pez's Dollz

This one was custom made
for me by Monica at
Fragile Orchid Designs-yay!!

Fragile Orchid Designs

Belle & Meg's Garden

Star Rawk Cafe

American McGee doll

BlueFunky made these two

Ring of Pixels

Camilla Niume's Dollz

Poetic Storms


Kirei na Pixel

Unreal Reality

Loser Space

Mumsy's Dolls

Pages 2, 3, 4 of adopted dolls coming very soon!

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