I finally got around to making an award to give out. If you have a site that is at all related to Alice, Lewis Carroll, Disney, art, literature....email me your info-I'd love to visit!

The only things I'll be looking for are something it looks like you put some time into. I think it'll be pretty easy to get this award :)
I just ask that you sign my guestbook, and that you link the award back to my page:
So please email me and tell me your name, the name and address of your site, and a short description!

Alice bar

Award Winners:

Dan's Mad Tribute to Alice in Wonderland
Puggles' Alice in Wonderland Page
The Cheshire Cat & his Buddies
Disneyland's Princess Crew
Animated Heroines Club
Down the Rabbit Hole
Alice in Wonderland
Alice's Place